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Childrens’ Pamper Parties Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

  • To secure a S F Pamper Party the client must pay a £50 non-refundable booking fee within 48 hours of the consultation. See above for instructions on how to pay
  • If the booking fee isn’t paid within 48 hours, then the party date will become open and available to other customers.
  • If the party must be moved to another date, the customer must let S F Pamper Parties know 2 weeks in advance and a date must be rearranged within 48 hours.
  • Full payment to S F Pamper Parties must be made and cleared 5 days prior to the party. S F Pamper Parties does not accept payment on the day or after the pamper party. S F Pamper Parties has suppliers they need to pay and also staff.
  • If full payment has not been made 5 days before the party, then the party will automatically be cancelled, and the booking fee will be lost.
  • Full consultation forms must be filled out and complete 3 weeks before the parties.
  • Party schedules will be agreed with the customer prior to the party and cannot be altered or changed on the day of the party. Any changes can be made 5 working days prior to the party. This is so S F Pamper Parties can inform staff of any changes and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Children will be kindly asked not to play or touch S F Pamper Parties products or equipment. If equipment or products get broken by a child, the cost of replacing these will be invoiced to the customer.
  • There will be a 30-minute consultation for us to discuss the party. If you have any other questions regarding the party the best way to contact me is via email at
  • Parental consent forms must be handed out and given out to the parents on the day or the party or prior to the party.
  • There must be always an adult present during the duration of the pamper party.
  • S F Pamper Parties’ staff cannot administer any medication or take any children to the toilet.
  • The customer must agree to these Terms and Conditions before booking a S F Pamper Parties party.