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Katherine Daniels Skin Bespoke Facial

Katherine Daniels facial

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog!!

In this blog I wanted to talk about one of my popular facials.

The Katherine Daniels Bespoke Facial is a tailor made facial to give your skin a substantial treat. It is a fantastic treatment if time is of the essence.

Over this winter’s lockdown are skin has been through very cold weather and not to mention constant mask wearing!

This facial is a bespoke to tailor to what your skin needs right now.

What does the treatment consist of?

  • Double cleanse and tone using Katherine Daniels Essential Cleansing Milk and Essential Toning Lotion.
  • Exfoliation using the Katherine Daniels nonabrasive AHA Essential Exfoliating Gel.
  • 2-3 minutes of steam and extraction of spots/blackheads.
  • 7 relaxing face and neck massage.
  • Bespoke face mask.
  • 6-minute relaxing cranial massage.
  • Application of skin serum tailored for you.
  • Application of the Katherine Daniels Multi-Tasking Eye Balm and the Katherine Daniels Plumping Lip Balm.
  • Application of a moisturiser for your skin type.
  • Application of the Daily DNA Defence SPF30.

What are the benefits of the Katherine Facials Bespoke Facial?

  • The facial is tailored to your skin needs.
  • A full consultation will take place to discuss what products will be used.
  • The skin will be double cleansed which helps to remove residue on the skin’s surface without feeling of irritation and respecting its hydrolipidic film.
  • Using the Katherine Daniels AHA Exfoliating gel is great for the skin because it is non-abrasive and dissolves dead skin cells thanks to the AHA from Red Algae. It is non-abrasive so it will exfoliate the skin without leaving the skin sore and irritated.
  • Steam is not openly relaxing, but it opens the pores ready for extraction which will help with blackheads and unwanted spots!
  • Facial massage will not only leave you feeling relaxed, but it will help to give your facial muscles a workout and make them firmer.
  • Katherine Daniels face mask will be left on for 10 minutes to sink into your skin to work for your skin needs.
  • Serum is a very concentrated and compliments the moisturiser to ensure that the right formula is used to help your skin needs.
  • The moisturiser is tailored for your skin type and helps to protect your skin from pollution, weather conditions and the environment.
  • Daily DNA Defence cream SPF 30 is not only a sun cream, but it also protects your skin from UVA, UBV with active DNA defence enzymes which defend and repair.
  • Regular facials help to repair, nourish and deep cleanse your skin to leave it feeling glowing.

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