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10 Self Care Mood Boosters

Self Care Ideas

I wanted to put together a blog to help with keeping our spirits up. During Christmas we can be so busy getting ready that we often forget about self care.

I have written up a mini blog with suggestions of things to do and see locally in North London where I live. All the recommendations are from business owners that I know, used their services and they are my business friends:

  1. Journaling can help to declutter your mind, which leads to better thinking. Another great good buster is to keep a gratitude journal. Janice Nash at ‘Mind How U Go’ sells a range of beautiful gratitude journals. You can buy the Gratitute Journal here.
  2. In North London we are extremely privileged to be able to use the local green spots.
    Trent Park, Grovelands, Forty Hall and Broomfield Park are a few names that are worth a visit
  3. Andrea Krase runs a North London based blog and local directory called Sophia’s diary. Sophia’s Diary has lots of ideas for family activities and events.
  4. I offer a range of relaxing and therapeutic treatments mobile or in my North London beauty studio. Please take a look at my website for more information
  5. January is perfect to declutter our homes after the Christmas rush!
  6. Mind charity offers a wide range of online courses to help develop new skills. This will include learning about positive affirmations.
  7. I find what helps me to settle before bed is to not have any screen time an hour or 2 before bed.
  8. Joy-Cowely Smith is a local business woman based in North london. She has an amazing Facebook book club which is free to join ‘Joyful Reads Book Club”
  9. Yoga has many benefits and you can start at any age. Lia offers a range of great online and in person yoga classes. To find out for information you can follow her on @yoga.lily
  10. Janice Nash is a Reiki master who offers online and one to one meditation classes. You can find out more via her website

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